The Story Behind Runnr:

The inconvenience that is created by missing a parcel delivery or the financial burden that is imposed by having a parcel stolen off your doorstep is unacceptable. These very inconveniences were experienced first hand by the founding team, and seeing that we were not the only ones struggling with a very archaic and non-consumer friendly parcel delivery system, the idea for Runnr was born.

Founded in 2019, Runnr is a Canadian last mile parcel delivery tech start-up that plans to change the face of the parcel delivery industry. Starting small and proving our business model in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Runnr plans to offer our service Canada wide in the coming years. 

Here at Runnr, we pride ourselves in putting the consumer first and really understanding your pain points and your needs above all else. Our unique approach to solving the many troubles you as consumers face while having the items you have ordered online delivered is where we shine. We will be sure to utilize our consumer-first approach and provide you as consumers an unmatched last mile delivery experience.

We are here to take the stress and inconvenience out of last mile parcel deliveries, and give you peace of mind and a more time efficient way to have your parcels delivered.

-The Runnr Team



“Giving consumers control over their parcel's delivery.”

Runnr provides an innovative and alternative solution to the standard parcel delivery system. The delivery system used at Runnr is highly personalized and offers the consumer total control over where and when they would like their parcels to be delivered 7-days a week. This frees up valuable time, ensures peace of mind and provides consumers with an unmatched parcel delivery experience.  



Runnr’s vision is to revolutionize the last mile parcel delivery industry in North America and be the consumer’s number one choice to meet all their last mile parcel delivery needs.