Warehouse Shipping Address Details


Make sure you create an account before having your items shipped to Runnr’s warehouse. If you do not create an account before shipping your items to Runnr’s warehouse, we will have no way to contact you to tell you your items have been received and that you can now schedule a time for your Parcel Delivery.


Copy and Paste the following address information into the respective areas in the shipping address form at checkout:


***When checking out for an online purchase be sure to enter the name you used to create your Runnr Account on the website in the checkout info. DO NOT put any other names or phone numbers in the checkout details since it is this information that allows us to match the arriving parcels with the name on your account to seamlessly notify you when your items have arrived and are ready for delivery.***


Address Line 1: 243 Cardinal Crescent
City: Saskatoon
State/Province/Region: Saskatchewan
Postal Code/ZIP: S7L 7K8
Country/Region: Canada